Noor Waaley Mustafa Aagaey Chaagaey – With Zikr 2011

10 05 2011




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17 05 2011
sajjad raza azhari

this is superb and wonderful album,but i can’t download this album

8 08 2011

Very soon this guy will make all dance on naats.

There is no respest what so ever left in today naat khwans.

Doing Zikr in background is in the way like music. can some body present any fatwa by a prominent mufti making this act or way of reciting naats is allowed (preferably by Tajus Shari’a Hazrat Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Qibla).

We all have to stop & completely boycott this way of reading naat. This is a Sunnat e ilahi which has to be respected & read in the way it is meant.

These guys do make up, hire a professional studio, etc & the only purpose is to make a good money & thats it.

This particulat Naat seems to be like DJ version & it has become an substitute of music.

May Allah make us walk on straight path.

9 08 2011

Vey gud…

Keep it up Brother. Keep deleting the facts.

Shame on you.

11 08 2011

all the album of naat are excellent but this is the greatest album by tahir on rabi-ul-awal

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