Download Video Album “RASOOL NAGAR 2009”

3 06 2009

Rasool Nagar 2009

Track One: Al Madad Al Madad Ya Khuda

Track Two: Mein Madinay Chala

Track Three: Aaqa Ki Aamad Kay Charchay Hein

Track Four: Jitna Diya Sarkaar Nay Mujhko

Track Five: Lagian Nay Mojan

Track Six: Ya Rasool Allah (S.A.W) Da Na’arah

Track Seven: Main Tau Panjtan Ka Ghulam Hun




3 responses

25 06 2009
Abdul Salam Qadri

I m abdul salam qadri from malir 15 karachi i m aloso a naat reciter and the big fan of hafiz tahir qadri.. when i recit naat so i try to follow him becouse 0f him now day person likes me and i m getting more then more programs in a malir and out of malir. and now i have joined a naat academy for inproveing my self from tariq jafar rahemani (bul bul e sind)i hope i will get my target one day…….

7 08 2009

Request…. I want Main Tau Panjtan ka ghulam hon.. naat… sent me a correct link please…

7 08 2009
Jalal Attari Qadri

It’s available in two albums, MGI HALL 2008, and also the Mehfil at Rasool Nagar 2009.

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