Download Audio Album “MAHFIL-E-SHAB-E-BARAT 2008”

25 08 2008

Track One: Zikr (With Other Naatkhuwans)

Track Two: Al Madad Al Madad Ya Khuda (By Hafiz Ahsan Qadri)

Track Three: Sarkar Bulaayaingay

Track Four: Ya Ilaahi Harr Jagah Teri (With Other Naatkhuwans)




4 responses

30 08 2008


your website is very nice maschALLAH!!
your naate are very nice too machALLAH

10 09 2008

Assalamu-alaikum brother, mashallah u r website is very nice, i love u r naats and the way u r spreading Islam, may Allah tala bless u and grant u a place in Jannat, Ameen.

21 09 2008
aijaz bhat

Would like to have new naat (Chalo mumino nimaz parraian).since it is not avialable in INDIA.

8 10 2008
Fazlu Rahman PP

Your Naats are very nice
May Allah tha-ala you to recite more beautiful naats

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