Download Audio Album “TAIBAH KI AARZU”

18 12 2007

Track One: Bigrray Huay Banntay Hain Sabb

Track Two: Sarkaar Bulaayaingay

Track Three: Tum Pay Karrouroun Durud

Track Four: Nabi (S.A.W) Ki Na’at Ki Mahfil

Track Five: Pattah Pattah Boota Boota

Track Six: Sarkaar Bulaayain Qadmoun Main

Track Seven: Sarrwar Kahun Kay Maalik-O-Maula

Track Eight: Ya Ilaahi Harr Jagah Teri

Track Nine: Ya Muhammad (S.A.W) Nur-E-Mujassam

Track Ten: Ya Rasulallah (S.A.W) Karam

Track Eleven: Taibah Ki Aarzu



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